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Crystal Practice Management has been providing services to the healthcare community for over ten years. The ‘In Office’ version of the software can be installed on a local server, but a Cloud version is also available for a monthly fee. Crystal Practice Management is primarily designed for Optometric practices but can also support other specialties and general practitioners.

The EHR provides built-in features to support the clinical workflows of a modern medical practice, but also the ability for clinical users to customize based on personal preferences. The system has been specifically designed to accommodate the clinical and administrative workflows of Optometrists. Users can access patient medical records, lab reports, scheduling and other practice information including inventory on a single software platform.

Crystal Practice Management also provides integration with medical equipment & machines for diagnostic testing and record keeping. Billers and practice administrators can easily use the system to generate patient invoices, patient statements, financial reports and other features necessary to streamline the billing operations. The system generates electronic claims in just a few clicks, with auto-completed HCFA forms.

A dedicated scheduler allows swift and accurate appointment scheduling across multiple locations and providers – allowing practices to maximize resource utilization. Color coding and other graphical identifiers make it easy for the front desk to verify the status of each appointment, with multiple views allowing appointments to be seen in a weekly, monthly or daily breakdown.

Practices can also use the ‘Online Forms’ feature available in Crystal Practice Management software to expedite the entry of new and existing patient information. This feature allows new patients to register themselves by inputting their demographics, vision & medical insurance, chief complaint, medical history and even sign the consent forms securely before coming to see the doctor.

Other than the billing aspect it also lets you track and monitor your employees’ productivity on individual basis.

Crystal practice management requires limited online training and provides great value for money. A detailed product demonstration highlights the most prominent features of this solution along with the pricing.

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