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Being a cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) program, Practice Fusion is specifically designed to improve the flow of information between doctors and patients with good intentions of driving efficiency in medical procedures and saving valuable lives.

Boasting as the largest cloud-based EHR, Practice Fusion aims at reshaping the future of healthcare industry by offering solutions covering not only the needs of providers and their patients, but also of laboratories, imaging centers, pharmacies and other health related systems.

From clinical decision support to tracking Meaningful Use progress, Practice Fusion always delivers better and efficient results. Be it simple scheduling of appointments, everyday medical documentation of patients’ files or verifying insurance eligibility, the program does everything for your practice. Practice Fusion is also ICD-10 ready.

An experienced team of healthcare and technology veterans stand behind Practice Fusion which is forever absorbed in tireless efforts of advancing health technology. Company’s research team is also dedicated to provide insights aiming at delivering better services related to healthcare.

Practice Fusion enjoys a vast clientele who also sponsor innovative programs aimed at improving patients’ health and medical procedures. Their generous contributions have allowed the company to offer the program free of cost to all practices.

User Reviews

Pros: For a Free EHR it has many functions. It is easy to learn to use. Sharing of templates.across users is nice.

Cons: My biggest complaint is there is not a way to truly gear towards mental/ behavioral health work flow. Can be adapted with development of some templates.

  • Donna, Eagle's Nest Counseling, LLC
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: Cost being ZERO is great. It does handle all of what we need to run the practice, as far as messaging, scheduling, appointments, etc

Cons: We are a fee for service practice, so all patients pay upfront. There is little to no functionality to accept payments through PF. Would like to see that as an option since we currently use Quickbooks,

  • Donnie, Next Step 2MH
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: There was a very low learning curve for the product. If you are familiar with Electronic Health Records, you can use this product. Pricing can't be beat (free)

Cons: Could use better reporting features for health centers such as Federally Qualified Health Centers.

  • Laurence, Agape Health Services, Inc.
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: Free to provider.Slow customer service.Nobody picks up phone.I have been with PF for long years.Reevaluating continuation

Cons: Nothing in particular.old antique as compared to Epic which I can get free rfom my hospital.Lots my friends have switched to other EMR

  • Sudhir, Ohio medical Associates
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: Free, able to get up and running in no time. Web based. runs on both desktop and tablets.free to the provider.

Cons: Simple tweaks that need to be done are completely neglected. Absolutely cannot talk to support. Difficult to have patients register and if you run a walk in clinic which most places are then forget it. Be ready to type in every last digit yourself. They tout integration with labs, pharmacy and radiology but only those integration to make them money and really i do not care, they should be profitable to remain in business but don't make me use to your product and when you have issues they throw it to a " crowd voting system". As a user i had never even realized that a voting system existed and as a busy provider i do not have the time to read through to find some fix i need already reported. How silly and draconian, who ever came up with this idea needs to be fired!. The founder definitely has no more involvement with this software otherwise he would have seen that no support and inability to adapt to simple tweaks leaves a horrible last. DO not use because you will have trained and gotten used to this and then issues would arise as they always do and you are faced with looking for another. No integration with billing software and this is why. A list of billing companies are given as partners but communication is one way. The super bill flows into the billing but no way to know what a patient owes when they return . There are lots of free clearinghouse but PF in their infinite wisdom will not integrate.

  • Daniel, Rapid Response Urgent Care
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: Cost Effectiveness.

Cons: i hate that it is not time efficient.

  • Rudolf, Liberal Kansas, Medical Department
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: Honestly, i don't like anything about Practice Fusion.

Cons: I hate that it is U.S based.

Overall: Try something else!

  • Kim, Barstow Pediatrics
  • Jul, 2017
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