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drChrono, a reliable medical platform for practices around the world, offers contemporary technological solutions related to Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management (PM), revenue cycle management services to practices of all sizes.

The company offers cloud based services for scheduling appointments, clinical documentation, and billing which drastically improves the quality of services provided by a healthcare practice. Catering to mobility and the need of timely availability of healthcare data, the company’s software solutions are compatible with multiple platforms such as smart phones and tablets.

drchrono PM allows practices to streamline their workflow and increase administration efficiency. Utilizing drchrono’s PM software, practices can easily optimize their calendars and send appointment reminders to their patients. The program also allows to verify insurance eligibility to ensure timely payments.

drchrono EHR software is the first company to build an EHR app for iPad and iPhone. It remained the #1 EHR for four years in a row per surveys conducted by Black Book Rankings. The company features software that are Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 compliant.

In a nutshell, drchrono allows healthcare providers in utilizing modern technology for gaining efficiency in medical practices while reducing costs and increasing patient loyalty.

User Reviews

Pros: Lab integration and insurance eligibility checker included in the higher premium plans.

Cons: Template customization takes a while.

Overall: If your cases can vary widely or you see a lot of new patients, the template format may be too restrictive.

  • Anne, Modern Urgent Care
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: The customer support team has been great!

Cons: Can't change or start at Document page

Overall: Drchrono EHR is easy with lots of features and great customer service.

  • Colette, Pain and Spine Center, LLC
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: I chose this software for many of the admin tools i was looking for.

Cons: The base forms are not really for chiros and they then rely on the library other users have submitted forms to.

Overall: Only software I found that fit my needs here.

  • Morris, Downtown chiropractic clinic
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: I like the simplicity of being able to do SOAP notes, billing, and scheduling all in one software.

Cons: They should also have an android version of the app. I had to switch to iPhone.

Overall: Overall great product.

  • Usha, Vital orthopedic and spine
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: The software allow you to create templates however you like.

Cons: It can be a little slow to generate a full note.

Overall: Overall it is the best EMR that I've used.

  • Nathan, Elite Chiropractic
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: Very straight forward and logically laid out.

Cons: NONE

Overall: Overall wonderful product it's always evolving and improving. Love the iPhone improvements very convenient to eprescribe and look up info on patients on the go. Would highly recommend!

  • Gabriel, Iowa Sports Therapy
  • Jun, 2017

Pros: Test

Cons: Test

Overall: Test

  • Test, Test
  • Jun, 2017
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