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Every month, we help thousands of medical practices select the right EMR & Practice Management software by shortlisting the top vendors based on budget, customer reviews, specialty, features and much more. These leads are then distributed among our partner EMR vendors. If you are an EMR vendor struggling to provide qualified leads for your sales team, find out how we can help.

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Our Customers Love Us

Cude Health

Talk about solid performers and you will find EMRSystems on the top of our lists. We experienced commendable consistency in their qualified lead flow and most of the people we called were ready to buy our products.

Cude Health

Their lead program is exceptional. We have run multiple campaigns with them and all have provided an excellent ROI. They truly understood our business, did a thorough analysis and delivered the goods.

Cude Health

There are qualified leads and then there are customers already educated by our services and ready to buy. EMRSystems provides them both. The leads generated were practices ready to speak with our reps which ensured excellent ROI.

EMR Buyers Feedback

Cude Health

"I was having a lot of trouble in managing the billing of our practice. EMRSystems was able to assist me in getting in touch with just the perfect company to outsource our billing. Our practice now runs smoothly and I get ample time in managing operations."

Rachel B. - Practice Manager
Cude Health

"EMRSystems offers information a practice needs to get the best software per its clinical and financial needs. I just listed all my requirements and got a nice list of companies perfect for me. They're unbiased, and the service is free. Saved me a ton of time."

Dr. E. Jones - General Physician
Cude Health

"If you are looking for a free and unbiased advice on choosing the best EHR software for your practice, EMRSystems is just what you need. The website lists all the features of a product, offers informative demo videos and books appointments with vendors in no time."

Dr. B. Hansson - Dermatologist