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AdvancedMD is a cloud-based EMR and Medical Practice Management solutions provider offering its users industrial-grade computing experience with renowned speed, secure access, and support. Due to its web-based nature it does not have any software installation and maintenance. The system is automatically updated to manage regulatory changes such as ICD-10 and Meaningful Use as smoothly as possible without hindering day to day operations. Its many functions include Scheduling, Documentation, ePrescribing, Revenue Management and Financial Reporting.

AdvancedMD’s Electronic health record system provides users access to patient information, billing and lab reports in seconds. It merges all the daily task of a medical practice on one platform for ease of use. Cloud software insures that practitioners can sign in from any location and gain immediate, secure access to information and conduct tasks with minimal hassle. It can be accessed through any handheld device and mobile phone, literally making healthcare on-the-go, enabling doctors to capture charges from anywhere for better accuracy.

AdvancedInsight Reporting is a tool to measure financial performance of practices. This provides physicians and practice administrators with a detailed set of reports to measure the financial performance of their practice at any given time.

AdvancedMD’s billing services allow private practices to outsource their entire billing operations. A practice signing up for AdvancedMD Medical Billing Services can have their entire claims process managed by billing experts who manage any oversights and ensure that all claims get paid accurately.

This software solution is priced on a monthly subscription basis; there is no contract, and support is included. It is supported by Windows as well as iOS for the iPad and iPhone.

User Reviews

Pros: We were using a different billing and encoding software in the past and we started to look into AdvancedMD for the benefits that it seems to provide. We saw that there were other benefits such as electronic remittances, being able to check eligibility right there in the software program and being able to integrate it with our EHR system.

Cons: Customer Support needs more training.

Overall: Best Billing Software I've came across ever

  • Nicole, Legacy Heart Care
  • Aug, 2017

Pros: We use AdvancedMD for billing. We have had a couple of issues such as finding ways to do things with our situation since we don't deal with insurance and finding alternative solutions. But dealing with the staff at AdvancedMD EMR was wonderful. They're very nice and helpful.

Cons: At first we had difficulty in understanding but later on after the training from the staff of AdvancedMD EMRit was easy as never before

Overall: Very good service

  • Mark, Hypnotherapeutics of America
  • Aug, 2017

Pros: We were having an issue with a different software, so we were trying to find something that would be more efficient. Our accounting lady that does most of the accounting found out about AdvancedMD, and then she set us up with them, ever since we are grateful about the product quality and services from AdvancedMD

Cons: customer support needs a little improvement

Overall: Overall the software is excellent.

  • Janine, Florida Pro Health Inc.
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: We have an urgent care-type facility, and we had some changes in staffing and we decided to outsource instead of doing the in-house billing. It was a really easy experience switching over to AdvancedMD.

Cons: its hard to reach customer service representatives sometimes.

Overall: Overall 9/10

  • Sarah, BRiO HealthCare
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: Their support staff was great. I tend to stick with the same two or three representatives because they're really awesome, patient and great at what they do.

Cons: Nothing so far

Overall: The support staff is very patient

  • Anjum, Integrative medicine of Acadiana
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: We practice dermatology and we needed a medical billing software. AdvancedMD was brought to our attention by our doctors. We went with them as they were more efficient and looked like they had a lot more experience compared to what we had been using in the past.

Cons: Nothing to say

Overall: Highly recommended

  • Zachary, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Clinic
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: Their sales staffs were very accommodating. Any questions that we had, they were always willing to take the time and answer.

Cons: The new legacy scheduler does not seems much attractive

Overall: its good.

  • Mia, Allina Health Medical Clinic
  • Jul, 2017
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