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As the name suggests CareCloud EHR is a cloud-based EMR system that also provides integrated practice management (PM) and medical billing services. CareCloud users can choose from four product plan options: Central, Charts, Complete or Concierge. All plans are subscription based with varying prices, so users can select the plan that best matches their budget.

CareCloud is easy to use, providing a user’s favorite tools in a customizable dashboard, and one-click access to the most frequently used apps. It significantly reduces the back and forth between programs, and streamlines workflow from the front desk to the billing office which enables faster communication between members of the care team.

The CareCloud billing system makes claim submission and revenue collection easier. Claims are submitted electronically and insurance eligibility is verified automatically. The entire process simplifies many important administrative and billing tasks to ensure up to date patient information at all times.

CareCloud caters to practices of all sizes, with a Central Enterprise service that is designed for EHR implementation in large hospitals and multidisciplinary practice environments. CareCloud provides specialty-specific software for many specialties such as cardiology, family practice, internal medicine, gastroenterology, orthopedic surgery, neurology, pulmonology, urology and many more.

User Reviews

Pros: The software has built in videos and tutorials for self learning. The system is simple and user friendly.

Cons: The support was helpful in the beginning but after we were live it was difficult to get assistance.

Overall: Speak with providers who are using the software you are about to buy, they can give you the real picture.

  • Wesley, KHC Healthcare
  • Sep, 2016

Pros: An easy to use software.

Cons: The support hours are not very flexible, and they are bad with follow ups.

Overall: See as many systems as you can before making a choice, whatever you choose should be the best fit for your practice.

  • Paige, Doctors on Call
  • Sep, 2016

Pros: The software offers usability with a lovely layout. It offers flexibility by letting you move sections & modules. It also offers a strong reporting module.

Cons: Nothing I do not like, but if they could somehow record the time a patient spends on each visit, it would be great.

Overall: Make sure you use the software in each area that relates or effects your charting for patients.

  • Barbara, Gulf Bend Center
  • Sep, 2016
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