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Epic EHR is one of the most widely used software and supports over 40 different healthcare specialties. The software allows users to customize it according to their specialty needs and practice workflow.

The main dashboard of the EHR allows physicians to view patients’ charts and systematically document their findings. To increase the efficiency of charting it’s equipped with a NoteWriter which allows physicians to make important notes while charting their diagnosis. These notes can then be merged with the patient’s medical records for future reference.

Another intelligent feature of the EMR is that it remembers your previous choices and gives suggestions based on the information you have predefined. The process, along with other features of the EHR, is shown in this demo video.

Epic Systems also feature a patient portal designed to promote patient engagement. Through it, patients can access their labs and medical histories at anytime from anywhere. They can also request prescriptions, complete questionnaires, schedule appointments with their doctors and attend e-visits through the patient portal.

The software also tracks finances, speeds up payments and frees up staff time through paperless billing, payment plans and online bill payments. It consolidates all outstanding balances of a patient into a single statement that patient can pay online. It also automates coding to reduce administrative overhead, shorten A/R days and increase revenue.

Epic is certified for Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 and is HIPAA complaint. The software was recognized as a category leader by Gartner in 2012 and named the best overall software suite by KLAS in 2013. It is mainly designed for big hospitals however it can be used by small practices as well.

User Reviews

Pros: EpicCare EHR is by far the easiest software I have ever used. All my doctors are happy with its user-friendly interface. It is easily configurable and can be customized to meet the needs of any health care practice, big or small.

Cons: The only thing I didn't liked about this software was its lack of compatibility with anesthesia codes. The rest is all fine. Maybe its developers should add the required features and make it the best EHR out there.

Overall: If you ask me professionally, I would tell you that EpicCare provides the best and most reliable EHR system available right now in the market.

  • Caleb, UPMC
  • Nov, 2016

Pros: You can pull notes forward from old notes with an automatic update feature that provides vital signs and lab results that were last taken.

Cons: The system crashes at time and there is nothing much we can do except to grab a paper.

Overall: Try and put in the time it takes to create templates.

  • Allyson, Duke University Hospital
  • Sep, 2016

Pros: There are many ways to make shortcuts that can save you a lot of time.

Cons: At times we end up spending a lot of time to figure out a quicker way to do a certain task.

Overall: Give it a try!

  • David, North Memorial Silver Lake Clinic
  • Sep, 2016
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