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Athenahealth is one of the largest EHR companies in the US. The Massachusetts based company provides Cloud-based EMR, Practice Management & Medical Billing software to healthcare provider across the country. The EHR software enables Patient Engagement and improves Care Coordination, with built-in Population Health Management functionality to support larger organizations (Hospitals, ACOs, PCMH).

Athena EHR provides support for multiple specialties including Family Medicine, Urology, Nephrology, Cardiology & Pediatrics etc. The software comes with an integrated Practice Management module that is designed to simplify the administrative and billing operations in a medical practice. Features like e-prescribing and built-in specialty clinical content are included in the EMR solution.

For providers choosing Athenahealth Medical Billing Services, the software is included for free making the solution a one-stop shop. Bi-directional interface with outside facilities like hospitals, pharmacies, labs and radiology is also included. Users can also enjoy features like e-faxing, text alerts and a Patient Portal that allows patients secure access to their medical history, lab results, medications & other details.

The all-in-one solution featuring Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Practice Management (PM), Patient Portal, interoperability & a comprehensive medical billing service makes Athenahealth one of the best value propositions for healthcare providers today.

User Reviews

Pros: User-friendly, on-line dependability; clinical documents can be easily categorized, filed away and located at a future date.

Cons: Have to be very careful when pulling up patients to "add documents" from scan-in box; works well if you reclick on the patient's name, but if you click the magnifying glass will go to last patient in que.

  • Nancy, Coastal Pediatric Group
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: Customer service for Athena is very polite. They answer to any question that we have. Also Athenahealth is very easy to use,

Cons: Sometimes Athena goes goes down, but other than that we have no issues with it, love it better than our previous system.

  • Patrisia, Family First Health
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: Athena text is nice to have to communicate between co workers and not disturb them while with a patient. Its nice to have all documents filed in different folders/tasks. Urgent tasks are easily seen

Cons: I found it difficult and time consuming to learn. Not user friendly.

  • Jessica, Family First Health
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: I love just how user friendly the program is and how easily it can be configured to your practice's needs.

Cons: The program does not have an autosave function and requires the staff to constantly route to the save button when editing chart information

  • Billie, Access Health Louisiana
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: I'm going to start first by saying this product is very easy to use, Anytime I have a question I can get an answer by one of the reps in a timely matter.

Cons: There are a few things we would love to have, for example the power to remind us something, or alerts on some patients. ETC..

  • Maria, Texas Retina Institute
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: The ability to graph and chart different data points (labs, vitals, Coumadin results, etc) and visualize these within the chart can be helpful. Dot phrase macro texts as well as pre selected boxes for templates can both provide significant increase in efficiency. Notes come out readable and logical as opposed to some overly-templated note

Cons: System can be a little "bulky" in the sense that there are so many potential customizations and a fair amount of button clicking required until you become more familiar with the system. Auto defaulting on pharmacies, labs, ect is very good when it works, but can lead to mistakes if a patient uses more than one pharmacy for certain drugs. Med list reconciliation is less intuitive than it seems it could be, as well as a lack of auto-integrating diagnosis into the problem list.

  • Travis, UTHSC
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: Ease of use clinical documentation, templates are fairly user friendly and help expedite the charting process at point of care

Cons: What's the use of good charting when they cannot sufficiently process claims? They keep losing us money on so many claims. Won't complete certain claim forms properly. Their customer service stinks, don't help us with this issue to see it through despite so many attempts by our billing office. I get the sense AthenaHealth knows they are too large to care about just one client. Such an arrogant way of thinking.

  • Perry, WiseCare LLC
  • Feb, 2018
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