U.S. District Judge questions appeal seeking Obamacare payments restoration

A U.S. judge has appeared skeptical to a request from numerous states wanting him to direct Trump administration to continue payments to health insurers under Obamacare. During a hearing in the federal court located in San Francisco, U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria stated he aimed at issuing Read more

October 24th, 2017|Healthcare News|0 Comments

ProVation Order Sets integrated with Epic EHR

The new two-way data sharing is expected to assist hospitals in gaining ground on quality improvement initiatives. In a bid to assist hospitals in streamlining workflows for information governance and improving their clinical decision support, Wolters Kluwer Health has announced the integration of its ProVation Order Sets with Epic medical software. Announcing the new move, Wolters Kluwer Read more

August 22nd, 2017|Services emr|0 Comments

eClinicalWorks just highlighted 7 known certification risks in its EHR

The once very popular EHR vendor eClinicalWorks has recently circulated a letter to its customers that outlines seven known parts of its Health IT system that it said could cause an EHR certification issue. A news source related to healthcare and information technology managed to procure Read more

July 25th, 2017|Healthcare News|0 Comments

Epic expected to offer billing services soon

According to an ad published on a website of Verona, Wisconsin-based electronic health record colossus Epic Systems Corp. was looking for bright and motivated individuals to join their new billing services team as the company aims at entering the world of medical billing. The ad depicted that Epic was looking for billers Read more

July 20th, 2017|Services emr|0 Comments

Importance of Correctional Health EHRs in the USA

Based on a recent study, there is a dire need being felt in the US for correctional facilities to implement electronic health records (EHRs). This is because it ensures that inmates get the proper care they deserve. Per stats released by a national nonprofit group called The Treatment Advocacy Center, jails and prisons in the United States of America held over 356,000 prisoners Read more

July 20th, 2017|Healthcare News|0 Comments

CMS allows eClinicalWorks customers to go unpunished

eClinicalWorks mishap is known by everyone in the US Healthcare industry. Interestingly, new things are unfolding related to the settlement and the latest are, thankfully, positive. So the U.S. Department of Justice settled a False Claims Act case with eClinicalWorks and the repercussion came in the form of worried eClinicalWorks clients who started asking whether they will be required Read more

July 12th, 2017|healthcare marketing, Healthcare News|0 Comments

Google Removes Private Medical Records from Search Results

Medical information of people is something private and that’s precisely why Electronic health records today come with such secure encryptions. But what if a physician deliberately publishes patient’s private health information in order to get more patients or credibility online? Sounds like a sticky situation Read more

July 7th, 2017|Healthcare News|0 Comments

Medical billing software VS Electronic Health Record

Many EHR vendors are offering billing services as well and this tend to confuse many of the difference between an EHR and medical billing software. In order to improve their usability and functionality, many medical billing and EHR software systems are designed to have overlapping features. The main idea behind this all is to offer a “one-stop-solution” to a medical practice. Read more

June 23rd, 2017|Services emr|0 Comments

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