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ChartPerfect is an electronic health record (EHR) software suitable for medical offices in an assortment of segments including cardiology, pediatrics, allergy, internal medicine, dermatology, neurology, podiatry, rheumatology, plastic and reconstructive, and urology. ChartPerfect is best for practices with around 10 doctors and up to 50 employees.

The software offers users a variety of tools to enter data into the chart. It also offers built-in condition based templates which can be further customized. Notes can also be entered using conventional typing, speech dictation or point-and-click. ChartPerfect is preloaded with ICD-10 codes. The software also features an orders module that allows users to order labs or diagnostics, and import results directly into the EHR and notes. ChartPerfect is Meaningful Use Certified and allows clinicians to stay update with MU requirements through an easy-to-use Dashboard and Reporting System.

ChartPerfect is also able to transmit CCD information to another provider, a local hospital or even a referral. In order to further help physicians, the system is preloaded with the SureScripts national pharmacy list. The health It system also allows users to process new prescriptions, do electronic refills and even send narcotic class medication (EPCS). The system also supports ePrescription that helps you to eliminate paper prescriptions with software’s built in SureScripts module.

The software allows users to transmit vaccine data to their registry at the end of the day, automatically. The software makes ICD Coding truly made easy. ChartPerfect prompts users to select the correct codes based on logical history questions. The software also features an iOS or Android App to allow users to view their schedule, view charts, send messages and manage refills, all from your mobile device. The system also features a Patient Portal that allows physicians to share only the information they choose with their patients. It further allows them to send texts and emails.

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