Avoid MIPS Penalties in 2017

Are you MIPS-Ready in 2017? It’s not too late to start. This is your chance to avoid up to 9% penalties, take advantage of the CMS incentives and earn additional revenue for your practice. While CMS Reporting can be complex for most physicians, the experts at EMRSystems can make the entire process easier and “disruption-free”. We take care of most of heavy lifting, allowing the practice to focus on their patients.

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Plan Your MIPS Strategy

Whether you are just looking to avoid penalties, or planning to maximize incentives, our consultants will devise a strategy to help you “Pick your Pace”

Data Collection & Submission

Our programs our EMR or vendor agnostic. We will work with you and your existing vendor partners to collect the data necessary for reporting. With our own MIPS certified registry, we take care of data submission as well, no extra costs involved.

Maximizing Incentives

The experienced consultants help select the right measures based on your specialty. They will also point out high scoring measures for you resulting in achieving the highest incentives possible.

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Avoid MIPS Penalties in 2017

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Monitor and Compare

By participating in our MIPS program, you will gain a partner that will constantly monitor how you are doing with measures on each category while constantly comparing them to available benchmarks.

Attestation and Audits

We will take care of all requirements related to the CMS QPP Attestation. If you run into an audit, we will work with you to produce necessary documentation. We do the heavy lifting while you focus on your patients.

Our MIPS solutions are designed to match your reporting needs. You can avoid penalties and work towards maximizing revenues. Register now for a free assessment.

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