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AllegianceMD is a web-based practice management software that includes Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Practice Management (PM) and billing software.

AllegianceMD offers a user-friendly EMR with unlimited training. Physicians can document their encounters by typing or dictating the computer/software. The EHR has built-in templates that are customizable and a list of medications for long term illnesses as well as illnesses that occur repeatedly. Physicians are able to send electronic prescriptions, receive refill requests along with replacement requests for a generic equivalent medication. Evidence-Based Clinical Knowledge is another feature that assures patient safety and better care by warning the doctors regarding allergies, drug-allergy interaction, drug-drug interaction, disease-drug interaction and smoking-drug interaction. It also screens and calculates dosage prescribed by the physician then shows its recommendations considering all aspects resulting in improved medication safety and patient outcomes. Watch a demo.

AllegianceMD EMR also generates referral letters that can be sent using the ‘E-fax’ feature. The ‘E-lab’ feature integrates the EMR and lab. Orders can be sent to labs directly whether the lab is in-house or through an external party. Once the results are ready they are received back into the EMR electronically and can further be sent to the ordering provider for review and then approval. Doctors can also sign the lab electronically. The software stores and maintains test histories by a provider (lab) or patient which are accessible from anywhere. It also flags any abnormal results and allows to track abnormal lab follow-ups.

With AllegianceMD’s practice management, administrators and billing personnel can automate every side of the practice. Appointments can be assigned colors to differentiate existing, new or pending or no-shows. Users can drag and drop these move appointments to their related fields.

Here is a number of tasks that can be automated:

  • Automatically checks insurance eligibility, then forwards the patient eligibility data (co-pays, deductible amounts, co-insurance).
  • Checks patient eligibility.
  • Calls patients to confirm appointments.

The PM further lets patients put in their history and demographics by themselves according to the parameters defined by the user. It offers unlimited document uploads. Faxes that are received can be marked and attached to patient records. Get a quote for you practice now.

Patients can log into the AllegianceMD’s HIPAA compliant secure website and access their medical information. Doctors have complete control over what information they wish to share. Patients can request appointments and view information prior to their in-person visit.

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