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If you are looking for an EHR that aims at improving the productivity of all providers in your practice then CentriHealth has got just the right software for you.

Being a CCHIT certified Electronic Health Records (EHR), the system features unique tools that not only improve quality of healthcare services provided by a practice, but also enhances its efficiency and communication between patients and staff.

CentriHealth EHR is very simple to set up and really easy to use. The program is Meaningful Use complaint and assures compliance with reimbursement guidelines.

Physicians prefer CentriHealth EHR over others as it offers all the primary features expected from an EHR along with bridging the clinical information gap between practices of similar specialty. This is done by incorporating data from health records used by various other healthcare providers all in a single, easy to use EHR.

The EHR offers a web-based user interface allowing physicians to make patient’s health performance charts simply by selecting the required options displayed on the screen. The software also features pull down selection boxes which can be personalized per patient’s condition and set in accordance to physician’s practice parameters.

The following are CentriHealth EHR’s features that are responsible for its immense popularity among physicians:

• Patient Health Summary
• Alerts and Reminders
• Condition Lists
• Medications and Allergies
• Images
• ePrescribing
• Immunizations
• Encounter Management
• Result Viewing
• Lab and Test Ordering
• Referrals
• Secure Messaging

If you want to benefit from all these features you can see how affordable the EHR is here. And if you would like to see how the software incorporates all these features on a single screen, here is a free demo video for you.

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