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RAPID software, by ACOM Health, offers an Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management and billing services specifically for Chiropractic Practices.

The software is designed for practices of all sizes, providing an integrated, paperless practice. It consists of preset customizable libraries and templates relating to chiropractic services, and is made up of user-friendly tools like point & click visual helpers and wizards to help doctors chart with ease. Take a demo now.

The Practice Management module solves the toughest of problems faced by practices and greatly helps manage operational tasks such as appointment scheduling, inventory, reporting, and patient management, tracking the patient throughout the practice. Administrators and other health care providers can also sends automatic appointment reminders via text and email. The software offers Online Patient Registration for patients to complete intake forms before their appointment. The billing side of the software helps automatic posting of insurance payments for improved accuracy, increasing collections and reducing denials.

Office managers and administrators can pull reports for analyzing the performance of their practice in order to take necessary actions to cope with it.

RAPID also offers billing services to practices by taking over the following tasks:

  • Achieve the best outcomes for the practice
  • Eliminate billing disruptions or delays caused by staff absence, turnover or lack of time
  • Achieve initial claim submission payment rates greater than 98%
  • Acceleration of the overall claims charge and collections processes
  • Effective follow up on denied, underpaid and no response claims
  • Quick calculation of patients’ payment responsibility

With a low monthly fee and no long term contracts, RAPID software can be used by any chiropractic practice.

User Reviews

Pros: Software is easy to use and self explanatory. The customer support is great too.

Cons: Needs integration between documentation & patient management.

Overall: Try it out!

  • Peter, SCH Healthcare
  • Sep, 2016

Pros: Customer service is very supportive.

Cons: The software is very comprehensive and becomes hard to deal with it at times.

Overall: It would suggest everyone to invest time in learning the software. Took me almost 6 weeks but I'm comfortable now.

  • Jay, Canyon Springs Chiropractics
  • Sep, 2016
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