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Streamline Healthcare Solutions (Streamline) has been offering web-based software to the sector of behavioral health since 2003. SmartCare by streamline is developed to integrate ambulatories, inpatient & community-based departments. The software is built to deliver, coordinate and manage healthcare services.

SamrtCare EHR is fully integrated with the SmartCare Practice Management (PM). It has a main dashboard that carries information such as, services for the day, messages and alerts, a list of services that need authorization, pending documents and productivity graph so providers can streamline daily operations. Physicians can document daily encounter, manage patient information, add and scan documents, create progress notes and discharge summaries with just a few clicks. Watch how it works in the demo.

SmartCareRX is another useful feature that enables doctors and nurses to order and manage a patient’s medications. By looking at a patient’s dashboard care providers can view patient demographics and current diagnosis, know allergies, drug interactions and more. Clinicians can manage allergies and drug-drug interactions, fax orders, respond to refills request, track orders and lab results.

The SmartCarePM system assists practices with handling daily operations like scheduling, patient registration and billing. It allows administrators to view and manage appointments by single or multiple clinicians. Manage services and update bills. Office Managers can pull statistical reports to observe practice performance.

SmartCare also offers services to managed care organizations. SmartCareMCO tracks client information and eligibility, pay claims and authorizes services. External providers can request authorizations and submit claims for payment using the external portal by SmartCare. Request quote.

SmartCare offers services to PrimaryCare as well. With the SmartCare PrimaryCare clinicians can track vitals, manage labs, radiology, procedures and miscellaneous orders. The software interfaces with labs allowing physicians to track and manage labs. Moreover, they can track incoming and outgoing referrals, track problems and create progress notes.

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