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The very first version of Qualifacts’ CareLogic was built back in the 1980s. Qualifacts is one of the biggest providers of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and web-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) for the sector of behavioral health and human services.

CareLogic is a comprehensive, integrated solution designed completely for behavioral health and human services. The software ensures the flow of real-time data automatically between the EH, billing engine, reporting and administrative dashboards. Its Electronic Client Record (ECR) gives instant and secure access to patients’ crucial data and financial information while improving care coordination and clinical outcomes. The client data across all care settings is captured, stored and organized in one place, which includes all assessments, treatment plans and progress notes. This improves coordination and clinical quality by giving all healthcare providers immediate access to vital client data.

CareLogic has powerful, integrated reporting capabilities, giving care providers a quick assessment of the operational, financial and clinical health of the healthcare organization.

It allows practices to increase revenue by eliminating missed services. With CareLogic claims are automatically generated for all the provided services thus eliminating the risk of unbilled services. As claims are automatically generated CareLogic helps maximize reimbursements. All client information and documentation flows automatically into the billing engine once the clinician completes the service. Every service is run through a series of 50 checks, making sure only claims that are accurate and complete claims, are sent. CareLogic checks and picks up billing errors before the service occurs and validates all claims before they are sent, significantly reducing the rate of denials and increasing collections for all payers. View demo.

Configurable reporting tools and dashboards give a quick assessment of the current financial and operational status of practice. Users can further drill down and view detailed information and also export data into any standard general ledger accounting system. Request price.

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Pros: Easy to use and very user friendly.

Cons: Everything works great except for the Customer Support.

  • Erlic, MFHC
  • May, 2017
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