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PracticeAdmin is a cloud-based practice management and medical billing Health IT solution. It provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to billing companies, specialty specific medical practices and other healthcare providers. The software is designed to help clinicians with practice management and assist them with collections. It offers functionality for patient scheduling, medical billing, claims management and financial reporting.

The company behind PracticeAdmin specializes in revenue cycle management and medical practice management. They don’t bundle their PM with the EMR software. PracticeAdmin offers practice a powerful platform that allows them to coordinate patient data and insurance claims between PM and EMR systems. This helps them in keeping their revenues in check.

PracticeAdmin supports medical billers in their medical billing business and offers them software that improves and manages the billing services they provide. Company’s RevenueSuite medical billing software is developed carefully by medical billing professionals and focuses on the unique needs of medical billing companies. The software solution assists its clients in getting more money for their provider clients.

The features offered by PracticeAdmin include appointment scheduling, insurance claims management, custom fee schedules, claims scrubbing, paperless document manager, accounts receivable workflow manager and integrated clearinghouse services. When it comes to pricing, PracticeAdmin is affordable regardless its clients have one customer or hundreds. Their pricing plan has a low start-up cost and they allow their customers to pay as they go. The company also assists its customers with migration and implementation as they transit from their current system.

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Pros: It helps me keep my patient information organized and easy to find.

Cons: does not easily keep track of all of the Health screening needs for the patients except immunization

  • Christina, Family first Medical Services, Inc.
  • Apr, 2017
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