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PracticeStudio by MicroFour

PracticeStudioX16 is a complete integrated practice suite,  made by MicroFour Inc., a company that has successfully developed and deployed Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) software for over 25 years. Their  aim is to boost the efficiency of practices through their integrated software suite. The software is available as a cloud-based solution, as well as an on-site version.

PracticeStudioX16  is customizable for multiple specialties and has pre-built data sets for family practice, internal medicine, cardiology, chiropractic, dermatology, and urgent care practices. It features touch screen charting through laptops and tablets, eliminating the need for typing. It also includes customizable forms, which allow providers to optimize their documentation technique. PracticeStudio’s ‘RxWriter’ is a comprehensive prescription-writing software and is Surescripts® certified. The physicians can submit new escripts and refills, verify the pharmacy’s receipt of an escript and receive refill requests. It also has a drug search and drug screening options.

PracticeStudio’s interoperability feature allows data exchange between practices, labs, and organizations that provide services? to the healthcare community. Physicians are able to send lab orders electronically to labs and electronically receive lab results from bidirectional labs. Upon receiving the lab results PracticeStudio automatically updates that specific patient chart.

The EMR is Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2 certified and has a dedicated MU dashboard so practices can monitor their progress towards both stages of MU. Take a demo to learn more.

PracticeStudio’s integrated practice management (PM) system is designed to improve revenue generation, boost operational performance and enhance the efficiency of practices. The appointment scheduler allows users to register new patients using a concise patient registration form. Care providers can send out reminders to patients through email and text messaging from within the system. The PM also has a ‘Smart Messaging’ feature that allows patients to exchange messages with the clinic.

The PM software simplifies claims management for billers  as claims are categorized by their status and each one is displayed in a separate folder. Some of the categorized folders are labeled as Past Due Claims, Queued Claims, Claim Exceptions (Scrubbing Errors), Claims with Ineligible Transactions, and Claims History. With advanced ‘Remittance Processing’, billing personnel can review and post all payments automatically.

To analyze the financial performance of the practice, practice managers and physicians can view multiple statistical reports using the ‘Practice Statistics’ feature that shows these reports in a graphical format. Get a quote for your practice now.

The ONC-ACB certified ambulatory software also has a secure online Patient Portal (PP) that allows patients and providers to safely access, view and share medical records with other care facilities, specialists or labs. PracticeStudioX16 creates an online backup called “DataVault”, all media files and data is backed up and stored at a safe HIPAA-compliant data center.

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