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Planetrehab is a complete practice management (PM) software specifically designed for physical and occupational therapists (OT). The software can fit practices of all sizes offering integrated scheduling, billing, documentation and collections while following the new HIPAA mandates.

‘Treatment Documentation’ is done through the Planetrehab EMR which is totally customizable and template based. The EMR is loaded with over 400 diverse templates including templates for PT, OT, SLP and Pediatric. It allows therapists to document encounters efficiently. Therapists can drag and drop notes, recall past notes and also generate notes from a variety of predetermined phrases with-in the system. Watch how it works in a demo.

Managing patient data is an important part of the PM software. Planetrehab’s ‘Patient Data Interface’ allows physicians to put in essential biographical information that a physician needs to keep track of. Here’s a list of tasks the Patient Data Interface does:

  • Easily locates patient information.
  • Keeps unlimited patient history
  • Tracks patient’s employer(s).
  • Tracks responsible party.
  • Quickly review a list of all of the patient’s past appointments.
  • Warns of duplicate patient entry.
  • Built-in scanning
  • Email and/or text patients to remind them about their appointment

Planetrehab’s ‘Insurance Management Database’ gives billers maximum control over the insurance companies that a practice bills. It allows billing personnel to:

  • Quickly choose from a list of charges and diagnosis codes.
  • Set Fee Schedule by Insurance Company
  • Specify a minimum number of charges per treatment.
  • Remove CPT Codes for a Specific Insurance Company
  • Cross References ICD Code(s) with CPT Code(s) for Medicare Patients
  • Automatically Adjusts Charge Amount for Cash Patients
  • Handles Worker’s Comp and Prints the Note with the Claim.
  • Eliminates billing for procedures that do not get paid.
  • Tracks the number of patient visits.
  • Customize your list of CPT and diagnosis codes.
  • Cross-reference diagnosis codes with CPT codes.
  • Creates specific billing rules to apply to an insurance company.
  • Bill patients that prefer to pay cash instead of billing their insurance company.

The PM’s reporting feature enables office managers and therapists to run reports to track practice productivity and identify areas that need improvements. Users can also create customized report through a built-in second report program.

The software can be deployed on site, using a server or via cloud. Request price.

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