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Medios from IOS Health Systems is an integrated practice solution. IOS Health Systems has been serving the healthcare industry for over 20 years. Their main aim is to create solutions that bring care to patients with convenience, ease and safety.

The EMR software is web based and suitable for practices of all sizes. Medios users have a hand full of options as the software is very comprehensive and offers a wide range of functions. It allows physicians to access patient records, make changes to them and view labs on various web enabled devices such as tablets. Medios gives users the freedom to choose from 7 different ways to document encounters. You can dictate the system to record your findings, screen write or use electronic formats, the software offers useful & handy solutions so you can adapt and create your comfort level at work. Take a demo right now.

Medios practice management (PM) is fully integrated with the EHR. The Basic features that decorate the PM software include appointment scheduler with eligibility checker, intelligent disease management, ePrescribing with drug interaction, electronic document management with e-faxing & interoffice messaging with text messaging. It allows administrators to create, amend or cancel appointments with just a click. They can also set up statuses for new patients, no-shows or ones to be confirmed.

Medios PM was specifically designed to help practitioners manage their daily revenue activities and maximize profits using revenue cycle management & collection tools. Users can trace claims using the automatic claim tracking feature that generates customized billing reports. Claims can also be generated directly from the date when a specific service was provided. It gives you complete access to patient’s records, co-pay information, and insurance which slims down the chances for rejected claims and assures faster reimbursements. Some other features that make Medios the best choice for a practice are customized reporting, tools for practice analysis, quick-code procedure and diagnosis look-up, quick post charges, payments and adjustments, auto-verification of eligibility and financial Information, detailed ledgers and customizable patient statements & U.S. based support 24/7. The software can be integrated with third-party applications for increased customization. Click for the price.

The Medios patient portal allows patients to better monitor & supervise their health. They can set or cancel appointments through this platform and also access & share their records, histories, labs with other care providers. The portal also sends alerts and for any upcoming or due appointments. It is constantly updated to share any health related news such as new allergies or banned medicines.

Medios is a HIPAA compliant, secure health system that helps physicians receives meaningful use incentives. The software is ONC-ACB certified and updated regularly to provide improved care solutions.

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