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Made by doctors for doctors, Medical Mastermind is an easy-to-use electronic health records (EHR) software, that also provides medical practice management (PM) and billing services to healthcare physicians.

A web-based system, Medical Mastermind is ICD-10 compliant and is MU Stage 2 Certified. It can be accessed through any device with access to the internet, such as a personal computer, a handheld device or a mobile phone. This makes medical practice on the go a reality. Doctors can process claims, fact check through patient files and issue prescriptions from anywhere.

Medical Mastermind also covers a vast range of specialty EHR. Its specialty-specific EMR software includes allergy & asthma, cardiology, ENT, pediatrics, podiatry, chiropractic, urgent care; as well as all primary care such as Ob/Gyn, family practice, internal medicine, and more. These specialty-specific systems have built-in templates and codes particular to that specialty, and are integrated with, or support, imaging and testing devices for a streamlined patient consultation.

Medical Mastermind is designed for small to mid-sized clinics and medical practices. It comes with built-in templates which can be customized by clinicians to match their individual workflows. The user can also create widgets to perform any specific tasks such as data capturing, report generation and KPI monitoring. Mastermind includes a patient reminder feature; that sends text messages to patients for appointments and payment reminders.

Medical Mastermind’s PM and billing services are provided to improve the efficiency and revenue for practices. The PM offers an easier transition of the entire practice from paper to paperless for all administrative operations such as appointment reminders, staff and patient scheduling, inventory management, patient statements and more. The billing services make sure that the doctors claims are submitted and dealt with immediately. From submitting claims to running batch eligibility checks, Medical Mastermind’s billing services take care of all back office tasks.

User Reviews

Pros: It offers good functionality and the integrated practice management works well.

Cons: Its not cloud based, so we miss out the perks of a cloud system.

Overall: A good software for someone who is looking for a server based system.

  • Marc, Marc J. Kayem MD
  • Sep, 2016
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