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With the aim of providing accessibility to all healthcare providers, iSALUS Healthcare has carefully developed a range of EHR and Practice Management solutions which make automation of medical records, scheduling of patients and billing easier for everyone. The program offers quality features designed to support small to mid-sized practices in a flexible and secure manner.

iSALUS Healthcare EHR software is not restricted to any specific practice. Offering thousands of templates for almost every specialization out there, the software can be further customized to allow different companies practice medicine the way they desire.

iSALUS EHR’s normal implementation takes 60 days, while Meaningful Use can be achieved within 90 days. This enables practices to quickly reach full functionality and start receiving federal stimulus incentives.

iSALUS PM software boasts of 98% first-submission claim rate. This means that the software not only ensures timely payment to providers for their respective services, it also decreases time and effort spent correcting claim mistakes.

The web-based system allows providers to easily access patient medical records along with their financial data from anywhere and at anytime. iSALUS Healthcare offers a responsive customer support and is always there for you when needed. The program is also quite affordable and features options ranging from free EHR to premium packages.

User Reviews

Pros: It's an affordable software and a comprehensive one. It has everything we need.

Cons: Launching the system was a bit tough. We had to do so much to set up the insurances.

Overall: I think you just need to get a launch schedule and a follow up criteria upfront, the rest is fine.

  • Kim, Lighthouse of Hope Counseling Center
  • Sep, 2016

Pros: Its user friendly and easy to navigate.

Cons: The software is not very robust.

Overall: View as many EHRs you can to find the best that fits your needs.

  • Francesco, Ketamine Health Centers
  • Sep, 2016
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