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IntelleChart by Nextech is a cloud-based EHR system designed by a retina specialist. The system consists of and Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Practice Management (PM), Revenue Management (RCM) and Patient Portal (PP). It is specifically designed to serve eye care providers and has been contributing to eye care practices for more than a decade.

IntelleChart is certified as a complete EHR by ONC & Drummond Group. The software can be customized to match the distinctive workflows for diagnoses, treatment, and additional findings. The EHR has an exclusive Adaptive Template Technology that chooses the suitable template for each patient based on appropriate choices and filters out unrelated information. This helps to document in the shortest of time. The system provides knowledge driven clinical menus for retinal specialists’, pathology & ophthalmology clinics so they chart using relevant choices. Watch a demo and witness it yourself. The EMR also includes an IntelleDraw function which allows the physician to draw and take notes on images.

Since the software is cloud-based it lets you access and update records, view labs and also shares with other subspecialties from anywhere. This cuts down the cost of installation, hardware and support as compared to a server-based system. The EMR updates regularly to upgrade any changes that take place in the health industry. IntelleChart offers customer & technical support round the clock and is available at a flat monthly fee.

The IntelleChart’s Practice Management (PM) module streamlines all the tasks from office scheduling to billing in the back office. Practice administrators can schedule appointments which can easily be moved from one field to another only by drag and drop. The ICD-10 ready software ensures coding accuracy thus reduces denied claims. At the time of check-out, the system easily accepts debit, credit, and HSA/FSA cards within the module. It also automatically updates patient payment records. Physicians are also sent alerts regarding any missing data in a bill so they are able to generate the correct corresponding ICD-10 code.

The PM allows users to take control of the patient flow by tracking patients throughout the practice from check-in to check-out. Care providers can also enhance efficiency and mobility as the software enables them to view and manage rooms and resources.

Practices can maximize their profitability through revenue management tools by Nextech. The electronic billing feature allows faster and accurate claim processing. The E-Eligibility and E-Remittance tools save time and speed up payment turnaround time. It also keeps track of claims in real-time and streamlines collections.

The Patient Portal plays the role of a bridge between the patients and the practice that improves efficiency in clinical care coordination. It allows patients to request and confirm appointments and securely communicate via messages.

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