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Horizon Ambulatory Care™ by McKesson Corporation offers healthcare services and Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) company dedicated to delivering healthcare by streamlining processes, reducing costs, and improving the quality of care and safety of patient care. McKesson has provided its services by providing HIT solutions to physicians, hospitals and homecare facilities.

Horizon Ambulatory Care™ is an outpatient electronic health record (EHR) system. The software offers comprehensive functionality and has advanced workflow capabilities that allow physicians to manage care.  The Web-based, workflow-driven EHR solution that automates the clinical functions of a hospital, physician’s office or a practice. The functions include:

  • Encounter documentation
  • Prescription management
  • Diagnostic order entry
  • Results reporting

This electronic health record is an integrated component of McKesson’s Horizon Practice Solutions suite which includes McKesson’s practice management system and Horizon Practice Plus™, for automating administrative processes. The suite includes RelayHealth® which helps to automate patient connectivity. The solution is also integrated with McKesson’s Horizon Clinicals® suite, which enables integration with hospitals and integrated delivery networks through the EHR. Request price.

Horizon Ambulatory Care can be integrated with McKesson’s Horizon Practice Solutions suite and Horizon Practice Plus, which automates the administrative processes in a practice. RelayHealth helps to automate patient connectivity. The software can also be integrated with McKesson’s Horizon Clinicals Suite, which enables hospitals and integrated delivery networks to connect.

Horizon Meds Manager streamlines medication management through electronic prescribing.

McKesson’s Horizon Ambulatory Care EMR offer many physician practices and hospitals the competitive edge they are looking for. View demo.

User Reviews

Pros: Easy to use and self-explanatory

Cons: I hate that it is not compatible with all TABs, I had to specially buy an iPad.

  • Carla, Family first Medical Services, Inc.
  • Jan, 2017
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