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Glace is a complete Practice Management (PM) solution by Glenwood Systems who are delivering Health IT solutions to the health industry since 1998. Its main aim is to provide hospitals, surgical centers and ambulatories with advanced software and services that help improve the standard of care and patient outcomes.

Glace is a cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) that combines clinical documentation and practice management software features to improve the flow of information. The EMR includes hundreds of prebuilt templates which represent different specialties, e-prescriptions, integrated scheduler, Glenwood standard lab interface program and a patient portal. Physicians can use their tablets or smartphones to do the following:

  • Patient Lookup and Patient Chart Summary
  • Respond to pharmacy refills requests and also write new prescriptions
  • View Meaningful Use (MU) performance success metrics through MU Dashboard
  • Important notifications

The EMR was among the first seven EMRs that were certified for Stage 2 Meaningful Use as a complete EMR. GlaceEMR is compliant and has been certified by the ONC-ATCB. Watch a demo now.

The software is designed to enhance the whole process of billing and administrative tasks. The practice management features provide users with simplified and clearer billing claim information so collections can be done in an organized manner. The latest version of Glance uses ICD-10 codes set to report medical diagnoses and procedures. However, ICD-9 codes set can still be used for patient assessment.

Glace also offers a GlacePremium and GlaceComplete Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) billing services. Practices that focus on bringing operational costs down and increase revenue at the same time can benefit from these services.

Glace has also introduced a Smartphone Mobile Application which can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play Store. The app lets users access EMR and financial dashboard to do following:

  • See how your practice compares with your peers in your state, region or nationwide.
  • Search the database by provider name, specialty, and location.
  • View the number and types of procedures performed and the amounts paid to each provider by Medicare.

The software has no limitations that a user may come across while documenting, billing or to meet MU objectives. Request a price quote now.

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