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Keeping women’s health at the forefront, digiChart offers medical health IT solutions, such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management (PM), and Practice Analytics for OB/GYN practices.

digiChart’s EHR provides OB/GYN practices with multiple key features for delivery of care. Customizable templates make point of care charting simple, while the Electronic ACOG-compliant Antepartum Record integrates visit details through snapshots in one document at the time of delivery. The interactive OB Flowsheet is great for monitoring patient progress due to its single-screen workspace that follows patients throughout their pregnancies.

digiChart PM begins helping before the patient is seen using an online eligibility check, capturing the necessary information during scheduling and check-in, saving physicians time to spend caring for patients. digiChart PM enables clinic staff to track insurance claims and receive electronic payments.

One of the unique features of digiChart is its Practice Analytics tool it is, designed to help physicians identify the most impactful opportunities for improvement within their practice. The tool is easy to understand as it visualizes current status of key performance metrics with charts and graphs, continuously monitors performance in specific areas and the impact on the overall practice. Physicians can see progress as changes to the practice are implemented, to continue with, or halt actions that have positive or negative effects.

Comprehensive, clinically driven medical billing goes beyond traditional services, staffed by certified OB/GYN and ICD-10 coders resulting in optimal reimbursement for the work performed in the practice.
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Pros: I love the fact that you can check your schedule on your IPhone/IPad or Android device.

Cons: Customer support! You will always be put on hold for way too long and once you actually talk to someone they are not helpful.

  • Larry, Pacific Medical Care
  • Apr, 2017
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