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Developed by Integrated Practice Solutions Inc., ChiroTouch was developed specifically for today’s fast-paced chiropractic office. It’s integrated Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) software offers quick documentation, built-in compliance, billing automation and native mobile apps.

The user-friendly software is HIPAA compliant and ICD-10 ready. Featuring options such as patient engagement, automation and reporting along with many others, ChiroTouch offers practices a complete platform through which they can not only spur revenue growth, but also find and retain patients.

Chirotouch PM offers paperless forms to improve document management and reduce manual data-entry. Patients can fill and e-sign these forms using an iPad or computer. You can create custom paperless forms, as well as uploading state specific documents. Completed forms will then integrate in the patient files.

Paperless forms included:

• Patient Intake Form
• Personal Information Form
• Intake Signature Form
• Patient Self Check In Form
• Sign-in Wellness Form
• FOA Form
• Outcomes Select Form
• Owestry Questionnaire
• Roland Morris Questionnaire
• Neck Bournemouth Questionnaire

The intelligent program supports practices of all sizes and offers easy on-site server installation and Cloud-based deployment. The software speeds up documentation through a smart touchscreen interface allowing chiropractors to expedite and specify their clinical findings easily.

User Reviews

Pros: Ease of charting patients, documentation, macros, diagnosis fast keys, charges fast keys. I can't be certain of all the pros as of yet.

Cons: Nothing much

  • Jessica, Durso Chiropractic
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: The features offered are great. The vendor and inventory management is also great for keeping everything organized and knowing product on hand. The schedule functions well and there are many places to add notes for a patient. The flow between front desk data entry to the doctor and the communication features are nice. I like the way the check out functions, everything can be done in a single screen. Also keeping track of the previous exam date is really easy.

Cons: The set up is huge. Not only does every insurance need to be set up in many different areas, the doctor must set up his macro keys, which is very time consuming. Also, if you need to print a PI case, the notes from visit to visit look virtually the same. Patients get impatient with filling out the iPad for intake and many errors occurred resulting in non-payment. We did try to use the pro-bill services, and were not happy. The customer service associated with billing could be much improved. We found ourselves wasting a lot of time trying to work with the billing department. They also do not do PQRS reporting. We did find that our network became disconnected from the iPads often which resulted in a lot of calls to tech support. Don't make your server the front desk computer, it upsets the office flow when tech support is needed.

  • Amber, Core Care
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: I love that patients can easily check themselves in on an iPad. This makes scheduling really easy. Any information patients enter can be sent directly to my iPad in another room.

Cons: Customer support is helpful, but it often takes quite a long time to get through to them. Sitting on hold can really be frustrating when you are going through a busy day.

  • Shaylyn, Oasis Family Chiropractic
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: Love the ease and details of this software. Been using this system since 2008 and every year they listen to recommendations and make updates that make the office run more efficiently and appease the clients in getting the best appointment.

Cons: I have nothing but great words to say about our 8 years of business with Chirotouch.

Overall: Look at how the software aides in your practice capabilities and patient requests.

  • Peggy, Advanced Wellness Center
  • May, 2017

Pros: They have a really good training program. The videos are in depth and explain alot. It is very time consuming however and goes over the same things multiple times.

Cons: Price and customer support (price and availability)

Overall: Look in depth into prices. It is a lot for the software itself and it also has many add-ons and support that cost more!

  • Paige, Cornerstone Chiropractic PLLC
  • May, 2017

Pros: What I like the best about this product and vendor is the customer support. They employ highly trained support technicians to trouble shoot and train on areas that need further instruction or guidance. Cheryl Davenport is extremely knowledgeable, patient and teaches me something new every time I schedule a Direct Connect with her!

Cons: As of right now, there is nothing I like least about this product and vendor.

Overall: I don't have recommendations for others evaluating this software.

  • Carey, Nevius Chiropractic
  • May, 2017

Pros: For the most part, I've been very satisfied with chirotouch. With most software systems things can go wrong with objective or action in soap notes not salting over. I like the functionality of Chirotouch and how easy it is to use.

Cons: In some regards, I wish it were more customizable to what we would like to do with it but overall we've been happy with the software.

Overall: Try it...

  • Troy, Kambeitz chiropractic
  • May, 2017
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