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Designed for Urologists and General Surgeons meridianEMR is a complete Electronic Heath Record (EHR) that can be used by medical practices of all sizes. Meridian also offer a practice management system which has to be purchased separately. The software is available as an on-premises version.

meridianEMR comes with HL7 interface that allows integration with third party Practice Management (PM) systems and medical billing systems. The EHR system comes with over 150 preloaded templates designed specifically for urology, including prostate screens and kidney stones allowing physicians to document quickly. The software allows integration with a number of different devices such as x-ray and urodynamic machines. Request price now. Care providers can also order lab tests and prescriptions.

meridianEMR has a UROAnalytics module that gives providers the ability to examine patients’ EHR data for trends and outcomes. It can further be compared to regional and national meridianEMR network of providers. meridianEMR also has a native iPhone and iPad application and is also Mac-compatible. Physicians can create and edit medical records while they are away and that too without an active connection. Watch how it work in the demo.

The meridianEMR’s integrated patient portal allows patients to pre-register and communicate with their clinics/ practices.

User Reviews

Pros: ease of use

Cons: PM software

Overall: taka a demo before signing up

  • mary, Dermatology clinic
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: There isn't anything I like about this Software

Cons: Worst support and lots of mistakes in templates

Overall: Stay Away!

  • nancy, Georgia Urology Clinic
  • Jun, 2017

Pros: This was a great company to work at. The people were good and the work was challenging.

Cons: I regret that we have wasted a lot of time on certification requirements and on features that the customers didn't need. Then we got bought by Endo and HealthTronics and merged with Urochart, and then everything got bad. HealthTronics just wanted to shut us down and keep Urochart alive.

Overall: After the merger, it was all about politics with the Urochart people.

  • Cathy, Florida Urology practice
  • Jun, 2017

Pros: Helpful Support and feels happy to work with honesst and hardworking employees.

Cons: Need to invest more on Marketing

Overall: find more great software developers and a consistant marketing campaign

  • Daniel, Urology practice
  • May, 2017

Pros: Nothing

Cons: poor support, even the does not respond back. no updates for years.

Overall: Avoid this software for your medical practice.

  • Danielle, Sheldon Freedman MD LTD
  • May, 2017

Pros: this is a horrible product

Cons: My experience is worst this EHR is Extremely slow, poor tech support.

Overall: Avoid this company if you want a profitable business.

  • Dennis, Yakima Urology Associates
  • May, 2017

Pros: nothing

Cons: worst software ever used

Overall: RUN

  • Rob, Robert Urology Practice
  • May, 2017
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