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A product of HealthFusion, MediTouch is a completely web-based EHR system with a touch-screen user interface for a more mobile inter-connectivity. Before designing MediTouch, HealthFusion tapped into the recurring problems healthcare providers faced with their existing EMR software. Moving away from the clunky desktop and the server-based technology, MediTouch revolutionized electronic healthcare record keeping by making the software web-based so it could be accessed on any device that can connect to the Internet.

At its core, MediTouch is a complete electronic healthcare recording system with easy-to-use functions such as charting, specialty-specific ailment templates, medication management, electronic prescription, allergy checks, order management, lab tests, document and patient file management.

MediTouch’s touchscreen technology can also be customized to meet a provider’s personal charting preferences. MediTouch can also be configured with HealthFusion’s practice management (PM) system, or purchased on its own. The complete system is certified by an ONC-ATCB to meet the Meaningful Use criteria.

HealthFusion prices the MediTouch EHR® on a pay-per-provider, monthly subscription, which includes customer support and training services. Support is provided domestically by full-time HealthFusion employees.

User Reviews

Pros: Very fast and dependable.

Cons: Customer support took too much time to respond.

  • LISA, Advanced Physical Therapy, Inc.
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: It's convenient to have everything in one place.

Cons: Extra charges show up on AR if the claim is submitted more than one time.

  • Jessica, Integrated Wellness Group
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: They have a great learning site and you can access the information on updates at any time.

Cons: Didn't meet all my needs

  • Adriana, All Women's Care
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: Good customer service. Great help with billing. Easy to use system.

Cons: Takes a lot of time to connect with e-prescribing and still waiting on labs to connect.

  • Kimberly, REOH
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: It is cloud based and the design is very friendly to the user.

Cons: We do wish there were some other pediatric friendly aspects, such as having the parents' names displayed on the patient chart.

  • Suzanne, Qureshi Medical Clinic
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: Looks nice, can pull forward past visits that can be edited.

Cons: The difficulties of this rigid platform are compounded by lack of substantive training resources and poor responsiveness.

  • Martell, Village Pediatrics of Arroyo Grande, Inc.
  • Jul, 2017

Pros: MediTouch is web-based which makes it very nice.

Cons: Sometimes I am on hold for awhile waiting for customer service

Overall: It is a very powerful system and I learn new things about it frequently.

  • Antonio, PPG
  • Jul, 2017
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