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ManagementPlus is delivering electronic health records (EHR) and practice management (PM) solutions to eye care industry from the past 20 years. Their main aim is to equip Ophthalmologists (MDs) and Optometrists (ODs) with software that is affordable, user-friendly and that enhances the efficiency of eye care professionals. The software can be used by solo-multi providers.

ManagementPlus exactly understands the way eye care facilities work and has developed the ManagementPlus Ophthalmology EHR and EMR in a way that it best fits such facilities and increases their productivity. The software can be integrated with diagnostic equipment, so images taken are instantly visible in the patient’s medical record. Physicians can create their own forms using the ‘Form Designer’ or if physicians opt to, ManagementPlus technicians can create customized forms for them. Providers have the option to keep their EMRs’ on a client-server or on the cloud. Physicians can also prescribe electronically to save time and avoid errors. The software is Meaningful Use Certified and help’s practices to successfully demonstrate MU fulfillment. Take a demo now. Any problems that care professionals may face, can be resolved by reaching out to ManagementPlus’s US based support team for assistance.

Management Plus’s Optometry EHR designed specifically for Optometrists is flexible and intuitive. The EHR is integrated with all parts of the practice, including the scheduler, ePrescription, billing and optical point of sale.

Management Plus’s retail optical software is integrated with the EHR and sends the prescription directly from the EHR to the optical shop.

The Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions for retail optical include:

  • Tools that allow opticians to enter orders and manage lens treatments and other miscellaneous items with ease.
  • The insurance processing tools help opticians quickly calculate the patient’s out-of-pocket costs and bill vision plans directly.
  • Search past orders by order number, date, or patient name.
  • The software also helps to detect most and least selling brands and shows seasonal and demographic patterns of sales.

The PM software offered by ManagementPlus streamlines all functions of a practice from scheduling to reporting and billing. The resource-based scheduling assigns rooms, technicians and equipment appropriately. The financial tools help the billing professionals to collect copays, verify insurance and ensures correctly coded claims. This assures to reduce denials and makes sure the collections are on time. Office managers and administrators can pull out customized reports to view least or most productive areas of the practice or point of sale location. Other reports that can be pulled include payer contracts, financial forecasting and benchmarking.

ManagementPlus offers Revenue Cycle Management services to their clients. Practices can outsource their RCM. All the tasks from front-end that include insurance eligibility verification, charge capture and coding, to back-office tasks such as submission of claims, payment and collections are all taken care off by ManagementPlus. The RCM services are offered on a “pay for performance” basis, the company doesn’t get paid until the practice does. Click for the price .

ManagementPlus also offers EHR and PM for Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

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