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Designed for medical practices of a small to medium size, ChARM EHR is a web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution that is both affordable and accessible at any time, from any device that has internet access, such as mobile phones, iPads and tablets, offering providers greater mobility. ChARM EHR aims to improve practice workflow and patient interactions through its software solutions.

ChARM EHR makes clinical charting easier by offering customizable templates and physician clinical decision support, alerting them to any allergies and drug interactions, or preempting future health concerns for a physician to keep close checks on. The software is fully integrated with pharmacies, labs and diagnostic devices to make data management simpler, and on one platform.

Taking patient engagement forward, ChARM patient portal is an integral part of the software, and can be accessed as soon as the patient is registered. This helps in reducing patient waiting time as they can access their appointment schedule online, receive automated reminders, reschedule appointments as well as view their medical history, request prescription refills, share medical history through secure messaging and complete pre-appointment paperwork. ChARM also offers a convenient patient check-in application through which information is instantly transferred to the patient chart.

ChARM EHR is priced in a unique way. Instead of charging providers monthly, they are charged per patient encounter. It starts at $ 0.50 per patient encounter for small practices that see less than 2000 patients per month and goes up to $0.30 per encounter per month for more than 2000 patients.

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User Reviews

Pros: I love the fact that you can check your schedule on your IPhone/IPad or Android device.

Cons: Customer support! You will always be put on hold for way too long and once you actually talk to someone they are not helpful.

  • Carla, Balanced Wellbeing, LLC
  • Apr, 2017
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