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‘DAQbillling’ by CGM (CompuGroup Medical) is a set of billing services offered by CGM to billing companies, laboratories and practices that are small to mid-size. The main purpose of the software is to minimize operational costs of healthcare facilities and increase their revenue. DAQbilling is best known for its user-friendly and intuitive interface.

DAQbilling is a web-based solution. Healthcare facilities that avail services have a virtual clearing house that covers eligibility inquiries, submission of claims, payment posting, and all other important parts of the medical billing process. DAQbiling’s claim entry method is simplified as DAQbilling works to decrease errors and help physicians receive payment in time. The billing profiles are totally customizable, enabling office staff to have maximum control over claim data, while simultaneously helping improve claim accuracy. The system allows integration with 3rd party systems offering maximum flexibility to a medical practice.  DAQbilling can also be integrated with CGM’s EMR, CGM’s WebEHR, and CGM LabDAQ. View price.

The billing software simplifies implementation and on the same time gives users access to their practice’s financial data anywhere, at any time. Any changes in the health industry such as new diagnoses or procedure codes are update in the software through regular updates by CGM. Take a demo.

DAQbilling is a good fit for practices of any size, and a good choice for billing services.

Other key features and benefits of CGM DAQbilling include:

  • A fully integrated scheduler
  • A virtual lobby designed to streamline the charge entry process from front desk check-in to back-end billing.
  • Built-in clearinghouse for efficient claims processing, automated referral/authorization tracking, automated payment posting, and eligibility verification
  • Electronic patient statements
  • Mailing of paper claims, including those with attachments
  • Comprehensive reporting that gives you at-a-glance insight into your revenue opportunities and challenges
  • Pre-loaded CPT and DX code databases that are updated as needed.

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