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Aprima is an Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management software and medical billing services provider that aims to enhance the efficiency of medical practices.

Aprima offers flexible product plans for users by offering both web-based and server-based solutions, giving the user a choice between the two. Users can also opt for the basic EMR or PM systems, or get the comprehensive plan which includes all services. This allows users to pick and choose a plan that is best suited for the practice.

Aprima’s EMR is certified for Stage 2 of Meaningful Use and covers over 35 specialties including oncology, neurology, cardiology, nephrology, anesthesiology, ophthalmology, urology and much more. These feature specialty-specific templates and coding, and are integrated with imaging and diagnostic equipment for a seamless EHR experience.

Aprima’s EHR and PM programs are completely integrated. Its Intelligent Navigation presents clinically significant findings based on documented symptoms, diagnoses code, and preferred treatments promoting greater speed and efficiency in a medical practice.

It features innovative Replication technology that allows users to work anywhere, anytime. It was specifically designed to take advantage of mobile hardware, including the Aprima Mobile smartphone app, allowing users to make the most of tablets, touchscreens, and smart phones.

Aprima assigns implementation teams to new users. The team helps in the transition phase, setting up and training the practice staff, so that the practice hits the ground running. The user then has access to a support team to maintain the regular workflow of the practice, in any eventuality.

User Reviews

Pros: The software is customizable & offers good usability. They constantly try to improve the product through user suggestions.

Cons: The vendor’s need to learn more about Oklahoma’s Medicaid billing requirements.

Overall: Request a DEMO and watch for yourself. Also ask for references in your area to learn what other practices have to say about it.

  • Memory, Central Oklahoma
  • Sep, 2016
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