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WebPT is a leading cloud-based Physical Therapy practice solution which was launched by a sports physical therapist in 2008. It provides specialized content and tools for speech-language pathology (SLP), occupational therapy (OT), vestibular, pelvic health practices and pediatric therapists.

The software aims to provide physical therapy practices with everything that they need for a smooth clinical and administrative operation. Physical therapists can document entire patient visits swiftly using specialty-specific documentation tools, customizable templates, flow sheets, progress notes, and discharge summaries. On the administrative front, the system provides built-in faxing and emailing capabilities for free, so providers can fax/email notes directly through the system. The entire system is accessible on Cloud from any device through HIPAA compliant secure access. Watch how it works in the demo.

With business intelligence tools and compliance reporting, WebPT PM helps practices enhance their operational decision making. Practice managers can track productivity and control user permissions. The billing information is transferred directly from the EMR to the billing, eliminating the need for double entry and helping reduce claim errors. WebPT has simple and easy to use billing interfaces and comprehensive logs to reflect collections and due balances.

The company also offers billing services to clinics seeking help. WebPT can assign specialized physical therapy billing professionals who can submit claims and appeal denials from insurance companies. RCM service can also be availed at a onetime charge and 6.5% of a practice’s monthly collection. Request a quote right now.

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