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Quick Charts is a Fully Stage I and II Meaningful Use certified Electronic Medical Record system that has been developed for the Chiropractic industry. The templates offered in this software allow Chiropractic practices all sizes to personalize this system to mimic their workflow and increase efficiency.

Core functionalities of Quick Charts include electronic medical records, patient scheduling, medical billing, picture archiving systems, radiology information systems, and medical accounting. EMR, medical accounting and medical billing are all offered as standalone applications. They can be integrated as part of a larger integrated suite. The system also offers lab integration, E-prescribing, eligibility inquiry, UB-04 support, DME billing, and workers compensation billing

The software is TabletPC / Touch & PC compatible and its Medicare P.A.R.T Reports feature allows to users to easily create reports in the format that Medicare prefers, with just a few clicks. Its notes software is customizable and you don’t have to go through the clutter to tabulate data. Quick Charts places all patients past charts at users fingertips through its Travel-Card Patient Chart Notes feature.

Through its Chiropractic notes TODO list, the system can also create reminders and alerts so physicians are always on the ball about important tasks. It places the To Do lists right on the main page so clinicians could see what needs to done before shutting down the practice for the night.

The system also offers Patient Location Tracking and readily makes Exam/Soaps/X-ray Reports. The system also helps in boosting business by developing Patient Letters / Handouts on demand. Its built-in Scanning / Importing feature allows making patient database easily and quickly finding them whenever needed.

User Reviews

Pros: It helps me keep my patient information organized and easy to find.

Cons: Everything works great except for the Customer Support.

  • Alaina, A New Start
  • Apr, 2017
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