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PsychConsult Provider is a product of Askesis Development Group a provider of software solutions for behavioral health, physical health, addiction treatment centers and substance abuse. The integrated software offers clinical and revenue-related functionality and delivers high-quality medical services to consumers and healthcare organizations needing clinical information stored securely and is instantly accessible to clinicians.

PsychConsult allows practices to:

  • Access a consumer’s full clinical record with one click.
  • Graph vitals for easier interpretation.
  • Access allergy information and clinical alerts.
  • View combined clinical information, including problem list, vitals, notes, and lab results.
  • Manage medication orders and MAR.

PsychConsult’s Encounter Navigator delivers a patient-centered method for documenting psychiatric and primary care services. Physicians have instant access to relevant information at the point of care which helps them in clinical decision making. The software also supports automation of clinical processes which is a big time saver.  Take a demo.

Here’re some other features of PsychConsult:

  • Create and view clinical documents for assessment, on-going treatment and discharge for all levels of service.
  • Use standard data entry fields, such as checkboxes and drop-down lists, to ensure consistent data entry.
  • Sign documents electronically using password authentication.
  • Design document templates specific to scheduled clinical services.
  • Build text from simple check boxes and drop-down choices.

Office administrators can effectively assign resources using the PsychConsult Provider’s scheduling capability. It has point-and-click menus that allow users to schedule and manage appointments, facilities, staff time and events to maximize the use of resources that make up your practice. PsychConsult comprises of multiple reporting features for analyzing clinical, financial and consumer data, allowing practices to enhance care. Practices can automate their revenue cycle through PsychConsult Provider’s Billing and Receivables Management. Request price.

Billing and Receivables Management allows practices to:

  • Create charges automatically from completed clinical services.
  • Verify eligibility electronically in batch and real time.
  • Enforce criteria for successful billing with pre-billing edits.
  • Automate remittance posting, individual account posting, cash posting and refunds.
  • Flag accounts in collections and place hold on consumer statements.
  • Manage service-level authorizations and produce alerts based on authorization criteria.
  • Filter transactions by date, program, procedure code and payor.
  • Perform rebilling and reprint claim forms.

PsychConsult also has a Managed Care Organizer (MCO) to help organizations improve their care management through combining members with appropriate service providers, managing authorizations and tracking members’ progress. PsychConsult MCO is offered as a self-hosted application or software as a service (SaaS).

User Reviews

Pros: The system worked fairly well when we were a small practice. As our practice grows - the slower the system gets. After months of arguing that our system is running too slow, they identified the issue as a "bug" in their system and will at some point place it on a list to eventually be looked at. There are reports that we cannot run and areas of the system we cannot use due to "a long running script".

Cons: Way too expensive for what you receive. System issues not being resolved is the biggest complaint. A system "bug" is not important to the support staff, even though it greatly affects our ability to be productive.

  • Larry, Cathy A. Shehorn, Ph.D.
  • Apr, 2017
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