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A product of Bizmatics Inc. PrognoCIS EMR is a healthcare software which offers a cutting-edge platform for technology solutions that help medical practices. It is a Cloud based EMR with Practice Management integration, but practices can pick and choose one or the other as they see fit.

PrognoCIS is Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified, helping its customers track their compliance with all the measures through interactive dashboards, and reporting functionality describing the steps required to successfully meet the relevant measures.

PrognoCIS is a scalable product that can fit any practice size from, solo to large multi-specialty clinics. It also offers the capability to create templates and customizable clinical content. The system comes with a Specialty-specific template database to help users find a ready-made solution for their clinical workflow documentation.

Since PrognoCIS is a Cloud based EMR, it is available on-the-go for immediate access on mobile and handheld devices. It is available on the following operating systems: Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 10 and Mac OS and Linux.

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