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PASHealth was formed in 2006. The company has invested 14 years into the healthcare industry. PASHealth developed a web-based, single sign-on ASP platform which offered electronic medical verification and claims processing systems. In 2007 PASHealth added a digital data capture process (D-PAS) into the PASHealth Web Portal System. PASHealth today, offers a powerful patient verification/medical eligibility system, patient data capture, medical record and billing systems.

The PASHealth EMR is built as a SaaS (Software as a Service) so providers don’t have to buy the expensive software. PASHealth’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution allows physicians to manage patient information and access patient records in-house or on the go. Providers can easily review complete patient histories including past visits, current medications, allergies, labs and diagnostic reports. View demo.

In order to create a paperless environment and avoid typing handwritten notes into the system providers can use PASHealth’s D-PAS Digital Pen System. It allows providers to use a digital pen and paper technology. The EMR is programmed to include digitally handwritten notes created by the provider.

The Document Management section allows medical practices to store important patient documents such as D-PAS handwritten Paper Reports, Lab Reports and X-Ray’s securely within the PASHealth securely. All these documents are stored collectively in one place. For easy access, the documents are categorized by document type, doctor, patient name and office ID#.

From EMR to eligibility and electronic claims, PASHealth empowers healthcare organizations and practices to effectively report their financial, administrative, clinical, and regulatory needs. Request quote. PASHealth’s Claim Analyzer can act as a stand-alone claims processing system or can be integrated with a provider’s Practice Management System. The claim is immediately transmitted to PASHealth’s network servers where it goes through a verification process and then sent directly to the insurance carrier for reimbursement to the provider. Providers can access monthly and daily transaction reports. This data can also be provided in electronic form for integration with the practice management software.

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Pros: Easy to use and self-explanatory

Cons: I hate that it is not compatible with all TABs, I had to specially buy an iPad.

  • Carla, All Women's Care
  • Feb, 2017
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