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MedPointe is a fully certified Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software solution by Health Systems Technology Inc. It is a web-based solution and covers multiple specialties for small to midsized practices. MedPointe is a standalone EMR but can be integrated with HST’s Practice Made Perfect for Practice Management (PM) solutions, as well as billing software for complete medical practice solutions.

Highly configurable, MedPointe EMR enhances accuracy in point of care charting. It is easy to use, yet extremely functional, providing physicians with tools such as problem lists, medication lists, order-sets, allergy and interaction checking, as well as alerts for preventive care and disease management that are beneficial to physicians. Request a demo.

MedPointe is fully integrated with labs and pharmacies for quicker processing. The EMR also hosts a patient portal to send patient reminders of lab appointments, prescription alerts, as well as greater connectivity with their physician, encouraging patient engagement.

When integrated with Practice Made Perfect PM solution, MedPointe enables office functions to streamlines with clinical workflow for expedited productivity. Administrative and financial functions become easy with tools like electronic billing, electronic remittance, appointment management, reminders, electronic patient statements, insurance card scanning, and patient billing.

MedPointe pricing is competitive and affordable and comes in many ranges suitable to the small to midsized practices it caters to.

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Pros: Easy to use and self-explanatory

Cons: I hate that it is not compatible with all TABs, I had to specially buy an iPad.

  • Christina, Pacific Medical Care
  • Mar, 2017
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