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Med USA is an organization that has been providing physician services for over 35 years. It started by providing Practice Management software and billing solutions and today continues to offer integrated solutions in the form of Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Medical Coding and Credentialing Services. Med USA provides solutions for office-based Physician Practices, Hospital Based Practices and Billing Companies.

The Med USA EHR is flexible and easy to use. Med Prime is ONC-ATCB certified allowing practices to attest for “Meaningful use” (MU). The EHR is easily accessible through the cloud and contains prebuilt templates for easy documentation. The software runs on tablets, laptops and iPads allowing providers to practice inside the practice and while they are away. The multi-specialty EHR is interoperable and allows physicians to prescribe electronically. The software sends automated lab orders, saving time and increasing efficiency. The MU dashboards reflect the levels of MU adaptation and suggest what can be done to achieve greater levels. View demo.

Lab Interface, Imaging/Radiology Interface, Pathology Interface, HIE Interface and eRx may require an upfront cost along with an annual maintenance fee.

Med USA provides a suite of services to assist physicians/practices in collecting payment for their provided services. Here are some of the services that Med USA provides through the suite:

  • Insurance Credentialing Services
  • Complete Practice and Receivables Management
  • Reimbursement and Payer Management
  • Extensive Reporting Analysis
  • Integrated Partner Programs
  • Coding Solutions
  • EMR/EHR Integration
  • Lab Interface
  • Healthcare Compliance Programs

The services listed above are all packaged in Platinum, Gold and Silver Solutions which are custom-made to Physician Practices, Hospital Based Practices and Billing Companies.

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Pros: It helps me keep my patient information organized and easy to find.

Cons: Everything works great except for the Customer Support.

  • Sapienza, Forest Clinica Familiar
  • May, 2017
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