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Cattails Software Suite is a product of Marshfield Clinic, which was among the pioneers to develop an operational Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The software brings together clinical data and practice management tools so patients can receive better care.

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) has a flexible design and can be configured to suit most workflows a practice might have. The multifunctional electronic tools altogether contribute to improving the flow of information, quality of care, patient safety and practice efficiency at ambulatories, hospitals, clinics, research facilities, pharmacies, laboratories and health maintenance organizations. Cattails software is an Application Service Provider (ASP) model which uses digital networks to support applications at the point of care.

The EMR has built in templates that can be customized by typing or using voice. The software gives users easy access to patients’ labs, radiology outcomes along with other information such as event documentation, office visits, diagnoses, procedures and discharge summaries. Providers can also use the decision support function of the EMR to make effective clinical decisions. The software is available for a monthly fee and a small initial investment. Cattails can also be accessed remotely and securely using personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablets and laptops.

Cattails Practice Management (PM) is a combination of robust reporting and data analysis that helps monitor and enhance operational performance of your practice. Processes like patient registration, appointment scheduling, insurance verification, coding and billing are hassle free with Cattails. The PM has prevention services capabilities such as customized reminders to patients that are due or ones overdue for preventive screenings such as colonoscopy and mammograms. You can pull out daily reports to see your employees performance, individually and practice’s performance collectively. Take a demo now and see how Cattails has made reporting so convenient.

Marshfield Clinic has invested over 40 years in its information systems and remains committed to improving Cattails Software by providing regular upgrades to its applications so they remain up to date with current trends and physicians can get more functionality.

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