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MaximEyes is a specialty-specific Electronic Health Records (EHR) software aimed towards ophthalmologists and optometrists. Developed by First Insight, MaximEyes was the first to integrate with the American Optometric Association’s MORE Registry, and also offers direct EHR PQRS reporting to CMS and the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s IRIS Registry.

MaximEyes is Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified. It is also ICD-10 compliant. Its quick code selection is a useful tool as it automatically suggests CPT and ICD codes, allowing users to save time.

MaximEyes EHR allows lab interfacing, drawing tool, auto coding, auto letters as well as a physician dashboard and automated reminders. It also sends automated orders for contact lenses so the patient can get them as soon as possible.

MaximEyes also offers Practice Management (PM) software. This covers the administrative aspects of an ophthalmology practice such as scheduling, document managing, financial reporting, patient reminders, recall systems and marketing tools.

MaximEyes is both server-based and cloud-based, and is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile and handheld devices. This allows for greater mobility, and accessibility for practitioners on the go.

MaximEyes can be used by practices of all sizes, and can be used for multi-location practices, the price starts at $350 per month.

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