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Intergy EHR by Sage helps practices to gain maximum control over their practices.

Eliminate misplaced and lost paper charts by scanning a hardcopy of a document into the system directly. The scanned copy then becomes available electronically from anywhere, at any time. New data can further be entered directly into a patient’s record such as vitals, allergies, etc. With organized clinical documentation, physicians can broadly document the encounter and improve care.

The software offers electronic ordering of lab tests and prescription submission. Lab results and orders are directly saved into the patient’s record with automated lab solutions that connect to most commercial labs along with in-office or hospital-based labs. Request a quote.

Document and image management solutions enable practices to resourcefully capture and organize existing and incoming paper documentation into patient’s electronic health records.

The integrated electronic prescribing with DUR and formulary validation improves the accuracy and speed of prescriptions and streamlines the renewal process.

Intergy automates the process of communication between front desk, care staff, billing and physicians enabling the practice to manage tasks such as refills and phone calls with the Clinical Task Manager. Watch a demo.

Some other features include:

  • EHR Encounter Note can reduce or eliminate transcription
  • Health Management provides reminders for upcoming or overdue care
  • Store and retrieve virtually all documents and images in the practice
  • Access and analyze financial and patient data

The Sage Practice Management (PM) system integrates with the EHR and manages the operational and administrative side of the practice.

It helps with the following:

  • Identifies wrong claims before the filing limit
  • Rebills claims
  • Automatically verifies eligibility
  • Confirms referrals prior to appointments
  • Keeps Medicare and other plan fee schedules up to date
  • Fills last minutes openings with automated Wait List
  • Maintains and updates the software with remote monitoring
  • Interfaces with other remote systems
  • Helps customizes the system to meet your workflow

User Reviews

Pros: I love the fact that you can check your schedule on your IPhone/IPad or Android device.

Cons: Customer support! You will always be put on hold for way too long and once you actually talk to someone they are not helpful.

  • Tim, Family first Medical Services, Inc.
  • Mar, 2017
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