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gGastro is a product of gMed Inc. and is an EHR Suite is specifically designed to optimize the gastroenterology workflow by streamlining a clinicians practice process. Formerly known as gCare, gGastro is  designed to match the workflow, processes and needs of a typical GI office ensuring that clinical staff can quickly document patient evaluation and management encounters.

gGastro EHR is certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2. It is available as both a Cloud-based and server based platform, and practices can choose the one they are most comfortable with.

gMed EHR can be partnered with gMed Practice Management to maximize a practices’ daily efforts by integrating between endoscopy center and GI back office to help create customizable financial reports and eliminating third-party billing software interfaces. Thoroughly updated with ICD-10, gGastro has a favorite codes list for GI specific codes to help save time.

gPortal, a HIPPA-compliant patient portal provides streamlined communication between patients and the practice. gMed now offers gGastro Suite, a complete EHR, Practice Management and Patient Portal to small GI practices and large groups nationwide to better enhance your productivity and maximum connectivity for your practice.

According to the CMS, 1,157 eligible professionals have used gMed Inc. to attest to Meaningful Use, placing it in the 80th percentile for all EHR software. A significant portion of these attestations came from practices specializing in Gastroenterology. Of all EHR software serving private practice customers, 1% received a large portion of their attestations from Gastroenterology practices.

User Reviews

Pros: We love the company and feel we are in safe hands. The staff is very well trained and knows everything about my specialty. The software is super customizable.

Cons: Nothing we don't like about the software.

Overall: The product is only getting better so far.

  • Tod, Northwest Gastroentrology
  • Sep, 2016

Pros: Easy to learn software. The features are laid out well.

Cons: The support is good, they are working on minute issues already.

Overall: Physicians and staff should view the product together if possible and visit any current users.

  • Pam, Woodholme Gastroentrology Associates
  • Sep, 2016

Pros: The software is robust & easy to use. It’s also gastroenterology specific.

Cons: Can’t think of any issues that are not being worked upon.

Overall: Try to finalize a software specific to your specialty.

  • Stacey, inSite Digestive Care
  • Sep, 2016
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