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EZDERM is a quality Electronic Health Record system that has been purposefully designed for medical practices specializing in the dermatological field. The program is cloud-based, supports mobility and can be accessed through any internet connected iPad or iMac device.

This health IT system offers many unique features that have been developed especially for dermatology practices. It features 3D Body Maps that assist providers in documenting their patient visits visually by using more than 3,000 anatomical locations. The software also features a progress note tool that assists clinicians in keeping medically accurate and concise notes without placing the medical practice at risk during audits.

EZDERM assists providers in tracking issues for each patient from start to finish and ensures that a history is kept regarding the reception of diagnostic image results.  Furthermore, the iPad capabilities of the health It system allows providers to easily capture images, share it with their patients, and retrieve information in the system. The system also features a patient portal that helps patients in scheduling their appointments and request prescription refills.

This EHR system won the Healthcare Solutions Technology Award in 2013 and is 100% customizable. It can be configured to suit all kinds of workflow related to dermatology practices. It also offers automatic coding that supports accurate documentation, CPT, ICD-10 and E&M coding generation. The system also allows practitioners in saving time and removing ambiguities in finding the patients’ preferred pharmacies through the Pharmacy Geolocation feature.

EZDERM is able to automatically credit the PQRS activities of a clinician and offer an unprecedented completeness in PQRS reporting. This helps providers in overcoming arduous reporting challenges. Using the EZDERM’s PQRS dashboard medical practices can follow the PQRS reporting progress in real-time.

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Pros: Very easy and intuitive to use.

Cons: I wish there was a view that had refills, encounters, messages, documents all in order

  • Christina, MFHC
  • Apr, 2017
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