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EncounterWorks is a unique health IT system that unifies practice management, patient management and Electronic Health Records into one strong EMR system. The software does this by centralizing all of its functionality into a single, completely integrated solution. The health IT system offers medical practices an intuitive and efficient way of sharing critical medical data in real time. At the same time the system also speeds up practice workflow and while at the same time reducing data inaccuracies.

This boosted operation efficiency assists practitioners in seeing a higher volume of patients along with increasing their revenues. The system further improves the quality of care as it makes critical patient information instantaneously available at every step starting from check-in of patients and all the way to their departure. By combining EHR, patient scheduling and practice management into a single core solution. EncounterWorks assists practices in spending less time on administration while consecutively allowing them to spend more time on their patients.

EncounterWorks has the ability of supporting various medical practices of varying sizes. It is especially effective for specialties such as mental health, dental clinics, family care, optometrists, and community health centers. The software is a cloud-based system and offers low up-front investment and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Utilizing valuable feedback from physicians, EncounterWorks’ User Interface has been designed keeping a streamlined workflow in due consideration. The real-time chart update along with a speed search feature ensures that patients are processed easily and quickly. The software also allows practiotioners to enter initial check-in and patient demographics on a single screen. This unique calendar has side-by-side viewing feature which allows users to swiftly locate openings and schedule appointments. The billing information and diagnostics are also immediately available in the chart and are ready for submission to the clearinghouse.

User Reviews

Pros: The system worked fairly well when we were a small practice. As our practice grows - the slower the system gets. After months of arguing that our system is running too slow, they identified the issue as a "bug" in their system and will at some point place it on a list to eventually be looked at. There are reports that we cannot run and areas of the system we cannot use due to "a long running script".

Cons: Way too expensive for what you receive. System issues not being resolved is the biggest complaint. A system "bug" is not important to the support staff, even though it greatly affects our ability to be productive.

  • Adriana, All Women's Care
  • Feb, 2017
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