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ECLIPSE is a Practice Management (PM) software that includes Electronic Health Records (EHR), scheduling and comprehensive reporting. The software is developed by MPN Software Systems and is used by over seven thousand physicians in the United States. The EHR mainly assist’s Chiropractic practices but can also be used by Cardiology, General Practice, Family Practice, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Orthopedic / Sports Medicine, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Internal Medicine.

ECLIPSE EHR has a ‘3rd generation’ customizable SOAP system which is fast, user-friendly and aligns with the government mandated “Structured Data” format for SOAPs and History. It allows clinicians to document daily encounters in seconds by using pre-built templates that can also be customized. To speed up the workflow ECLIPSE has added a dashboard that lists important information for physicians to treat patients by point and clicking. It allows users to pull multiple patient files without having to undo prior activity. ECLIPSE also offers ‘Document Automation’ and ‘Electronic Storage’. See how it works in short demo.

ECLIPSE Practice Management changes the way a practice functions. Practices use ECLIPSE for creating & running custom payer forms, patient contact, and billing. The office administrators can manage and edit multiple appointments, patients, and services simultaneously which improves workflow. Any notifications or pop-ups can be retrieved and can be dealt with in their own windows or patient folders without interfering with on-going tasks. One of the latest additions that have been made to the software is syncing the scheduler with smartphones to “Real Time Data Flow”. This feature instantly displays changes to each user who is currently working on the same patient’s chart. Get an instant price quote now.

ECLIPSE is INGENIX certified for HIPAA-mandated electronic claims. The latest updates to the software have made the process of sending and receiving electronic remittances easier than ever. The system eliminates any billing errors before submission and payments are directly imported into the designated patient files decreasing the number of denied claims.

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