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CureMD is a market leader providing modern day health information systems and services that enhance clinical and administrative operations of healthcare practices and enterprises. The integrated cloud-based solution provides specialty Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Practice Management (PM), Patient Portal and iPhone/iPad app. The all-in-one solution simplifies decision making, streamlines operations and ensures fulfillment of all operations to deliver better care, patient safety and reduce costs for medical practices of all sizes.

The EHR is specialty focused and offers solutions for various specialties. It includes specialty-specific content, customizable templates and custom forms designed to enhance clinical workflow and save time. It comes with the point-and-click documentation capability and tools like ‘workflow editor’ to support a provider’s unique style of charting. The EHR offers utmost interoperability allowing care providers to exchange information across healthcare facilities and organizations. Some of the main features include document imaging (built-in PACS), clinical decision support, E&M coding, custom forms and clinical voice recognition for dictation. The ‘e-prescription’ feature connects prescribers to over 40,000 pharmacies across the U.S.

CureMD also supports iPad and iPhone with a dedicated app called ‘Avalon’. It assists providers to document while they are on the move. Avalon allows doctors to view their appointments, patient’s records, medical histories, clinical reviews, patient notes and insurance eligibility securely.

The integrated practice management software is HIPAA compliant and ICD-10 ready. It streamlines administrative and financial operations by connecting the front and back office. CureMD PM includes personalized dashboards that allow administrators to monitor on-going operations, review and assign tasks and gauge practice performance. The scheduler module simplifies appointments and resource allocation across multiple providers and locations. The PM module also offers intelligent billing features for the billing team, which include automatic charge capture, electronic claim submission, electronic payment posting, clean claim checks, denial management and financial reporting.

CureMD’s patient portal is a useful tool for patients to communicate with the clinic to manage appointments, refills, demographics, histories and insurance. For physicians, the portal provides an easy manner of communication with their patients.

Practices and enterprises can also avail CureMD Medical Billing Services that caters to over 32 specialties and provide complete revenue cycle management to expedite reimbursements.

User Reviews

Pros: When it left.

Cons: The Customer support was a nightmare, and getting almost anything fixed or resolved took days (not hours.... days) and the data transfer at the end made us want to go back to paper charts. Lots of missed time, lost revenue, and frustration caused by dealing with the "support" team and management.

Overall: Would not recommend unless dealing with the parent company directly. Spent more time dealing with IT than actually taking care of patients while using this EMR. Does not facilitate ease of patient care or ease of use for the physicians and staff.

  • Sarah, Chest Medicine of NM
  • Nov, 2016

Pros: We had such a bad experience it is hard to think of anything positive. The product may have been ok but we had such poor support from the vendor we had to get out after 6 months and it was very expensive to do so.

Cons: Was promised templates for specialty practice, was promised ease of faxing consults and good support. Templates were not made available until 3 months into our use of the system, which means we wasted many hours trying to make templates rather than modify others. Everything was an add on after we had signed. The vendor did not have a good working knowledge of the product and when asked if we could transfer to the parent company they refused. Held hostage our data when we transferred to a new system. Even when paid they sent the info in non usable format. Eventually it did get resolved but not all patient information was transferred.

Overall: I would make sure that the contract is reviewed by an attorney well versed in the EHR world. Have everything spelled out especially how to transfer data and the costs if you transfer to another EHR. Extremely bad experience.

  • Jeffrey, Chest Medicine of New Mexico
  • Oct, 2016
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