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ClinicMind is a complete EMR and practice management system. It’s a product of Affinity Billing and serves best to mental health specialties. It’s cloud based and is suitable for practices of all sizes.

The software is ONC & Meaningful Use certified. It has been providing automated EMR solutions to mental and behavioral health practices for over 10 years now. The EMR not only offers great usability but also good functionality. It can be accessed using tablets, Macs & PC’s, while you are at your office or on the move. You can run reports, view labs and edit charts on the go. There are plenty of per-built mental health templates to choose from while documenting encounters. Workflow automation helps diagnose quickly and efficiently which speeds up the process and saves time. Watch a demo now.

The practice management system provides a one of a kind platform to its users. Not only it lets you schedule patients in an organized way but also notifies you when a patient misses their appointment. Also alerts you if you have missed out any task for the day. The software has several medical billing capabilities that help you stay up to date with any claim related issues.
It lets you track the performance of your employees & pull out financial stats of your practice through reports with just a few clicks. The Care Plan software helps patients to stay updated with their care plans & financial commitments all the time.

Every software has its own strengths but ClinicMind has been able to wrap all the best features in one software. It contributes to improve the efficiency of the practice in all directions. It’s offered at a monthly fee which applies to the number of users in a practice. You can request a price quote right now.

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