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Introduced as a stand-alone EMR in 1994, ChartLogic has progressed to a complete ambulatory Electronic Health Record (EHR) suite including revenue cycle management (RCM), electronic medical record (EMR), practice management (PM), e-prescribing and patient portal.

The ChartLogic EHR offers many modules and features that streamline practices. It allows physicians to create and manage templates using the ChartLogics ‘Template Builder’. The integrated ‘PrecisionVoice’ is a feature that allows physicians to chart efficiently through voice dictation. Physicians can chart electronically with the help of an extensive library containing specialty specific terminologies, combined with templates, macros, SmartFields, and other customizable tools that allow clinicians to complete a single patient record in 90 seconds or less. Physicians can also prescribe electronically using the ePrescribe feature. Watch a demo.

ChartLogic EMR Software displays an entire patient note on a single screen eliminating the need of constant clicking in search for drop boxes or pop-up pages. From medical histories to diagnosis codes and referral reply letters, everything is accessible from this screen, making it convenient for physicians to complete a comprehensive note. To clean up lab process, ChartLogic EHR can connect with hundreds of labs across the country allowing users to send labs and receive results electronically. Insurance information and physician referral information can also be viewed at glance.

ChartLogic’s PM comes equipped with an ‘Appointment Scheduler’ that accommodates the needs of physicians. It allows administrators to set  recurring or new appointments, keeps track of patients within the practice and control patient traffic. Administrators can also view demographic information, appointment history and family structure for each patient with Patient Registration. Request price.

Billing with ChartLogic is very effective. Practices can gain full control of their collections with the help of the automatic eEligibility tool. The eEligibility tool runs automatic checks on each patient beforehand and supplies staff  with complete details on a patient’s co-pays and insurance deductibles. The software helps  identify claim errors prior to submission, decreasing the number of rejected claims.

ChartLogic offers RCM services to practice and billing facilities that need to increase their financial performance.  ChartLogic takes full control and responsibility of a practice’s billing from coding to submitting claims and collections.

Office Managers can pull financial, productive and administrative reports to gauge practice  performance  and take necessary actions.

User Reviews

Pros: The support is always available and cooperative.

Cons: Update has made it slow as compare to the previous one.

Overall: We highly recommend chartlogic

  • Walker, Family First Primary Care
  • May, 2017

Pros: Customization of Templates is amazing.

Cons: Nothing yet

Overall: Make sure you are prepared to insert your ICD10 codes and exam templates into the system.

  • Daniela, dermotology center
  • May, 2017

Pros: How the encounter notes work. Very easily customized. Unlimited capacity to create templates for notes and inserts.

Cons: Messaging system is awkward. It takes extra effort to time stamp messages. You can't simply reply to messages, you must forward the message and select the sender in a list if you want to reply.

Overall: Your encounter notes will look like they are supposed to look. Other physicians reading your notes will be glad you use this product.

  • Ryan, Valley ENT P.C.
  • May, 2017

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: Hard to get used to

Overall: Buy it

  • Wilbert, Central Texas foot and ankle
  • May, 2017

Pros: ChartLogic is a very easy to use program that is highly customizable. Excellent implementation and customer service. You call Salt Lake City and get an actual person who can help you on the spot or you can chat live online. Changes to your templates, letters, etc can be done immediately real time; no need to call someone to do it for you. The customization is great!

Cons: We have had incidences when we needed something to change to make life easier for us and it took a long time for that change to get done.

Overall: This is not the cheapest EHR out there, but it is one of the best. You really do get what you pay for.

  • Sue, Pediatric Associates of Stockton
  • May, 2017

Pros: Easy to use system and when you have questions customer support is always available to help.

Cons: No built in templates.

Overall: Make sure you are prepared to insert your CPT codes ICD10 codes and exam templates into the system.

  • Kaitlin, Central Texas Foot & Ankle
  • May, 2017

Pros: The product is user-friendly. It allows for easy changes and customizing for the needs of our practice and doctors. ChartLogic also stays on top by keeping up with all of the medical industry changes.

Cons: Like any other technology products, it does have its glitches. The most common one that affects us is that some of the uploaded files get corrupted and we lose them. Once files are uploaded, we delete or shred the files, and we lose the information because ChartLogic also 'loses' it.

Overall: Definitely watch demos and ask as many questions as you can. Some features may help the efficiency of staff and doctors. Chart Logic offers more features than an office can possibly use. Try to find out all those features that exist and may benefit you.

  • Vanessa, The Ryu Hurvitz Orthopedic Clinic
  • May, 2017
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